Big Picture Classes

Let me start with a YIPPIE!! Today I signed up for my first workshop on Big Picture Classes .I have been wanting to for months now and just never had the nerve to go through with it in fear of not being good enough, not deserving to be taught by such amazing photographers. I decided to bite the bullet and my first class is on April 7th. The name of the workshop is Get Great Pictures with Any Camera and it’s being taught by Elisha Snow. I will keep you posted on my thoughts during the workshop. If you are interested in scrap booking, photography or journalism I suggest you check out this website.It’s FREE to become a member! They even off some FREE workshops! And the workshops that you need to purchase are reasonably priced. The workshop I signed up for is $59  and it’s a 4 week course. All of the workshops on Big Picture Classes are online. I find this very helpful! Being a full time working mom of a soon-to-be one year old keeps me busy enough so to be able to sit on my couch for the classes are perfect.

Check it out! : )


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