Make a Blurb!

So you like the idea of photo books but not too crazy about the quality of the Snapfish or Shutterfly? Well you should try Blurb! These are high quality photo books that come in so many sizes. They claim to be bookstore quality books.

Here are some sizes just to give you an idea of the options:

Small Square  7×7 in (18×18 cm)        prices range from $12.95-$83.95

Standard Portrait  8×10 in (20×25 cm)     prices range from $19.95-$95.95

Standard Landscape 10×8 in (25×20 cm)     prices range from $19.95-$95.95

Large Landscape  13×11 in (33×28 cm)    prices range from $54.95-$181.95
Large Square  12×12 in (30×30 cm     prices range from $59.95-$206.95
These sizes are all available in soft cover and hard cover. The hardcover comes with a choice of a dust jacket or image wrap (There is a price difference. The image wrap is slightly more expensive, but in my personal opinion worth it.)
You can pick the arrangement of the photos or they will automatically arrange your photos from oldest to newest. You can choose from several Styles. They offer 4 styles: Clean and Simple, Elegant, Bold Black and Fun and Funky.
One of my favorite features is how EASY the upload process is! You can retrieve images from Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa or your computer. I personally always go through Flickr and it’s just so fast and convenient! All my images on Flickr are already organized so it’s easy to pick the pictures I want to upload.
I’m going to need to have a whole wall of built in bookcases to store all the books I am going to make of my son and my family!
Check out the Blurb!

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