Designs by Melissa Starr

Since I post so many of my pictures in public places like Facebook, Flickr and this blog I wanted to try to protect them from being copied, saved or printed. Especially because they are mostly all pictures of my son. The thought of someone stumbling upon them and saving them for themselves freaks me out. I started reading about watermarks and the benefits of having them on your images.

I was sold on the idea right away! I just didn’t want to pay big money because this is just a hobby and I already invested enough at the moment.  Of course the first place I decided to look for  a watermark was on Etsy. I didn’t think that I would have much luck but to my surprise there were tons of pre-made logo’s/watermarks! My favorites were Designs by Melissa Starr. I contacted her and told her the colors I wanted and with in 48 hours I had my logo. Once I had my logo I did need some assistance on how to actually apply it to my photo though! Thank you again Andrea! (told you she was my “go to” person)

Now I feel so much better about posting my pictures of my little man “C”.

If you have thought about a watermark and are ready to make the purchase I recommend checking out Designs by Melissa Starr.

Here’s how you can find her:  Etsy –

Blog –

Website -


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