Childhood Memories

I know I always take pictures of my little man “C” but this morning I was cleaning the bedroom and when I came across one of my very best childhood friends I decided that “he” was worthy of a picture! Introducing…

My stuffed bunny!

I have had this stuffed bunny literally my whole entire life! He is roughly 27 years old now and he has seen a lot of love in his lifetime. You can see that he worn and he has many “surgeries” to stay intact. I think one more time through the washing machine would completely be the death of him!  The leather patches that were on his feet are long gone. There are holes behind his ears where you can see his stuffing and loose strings of many colors hanging around from all the times my mom has patched him up. This is just a reminder to look around and capture memories of items that are near and dear to your heart. ❤


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