Acme Bowler

You already know how much I LOVE my Epiphanie bag –

However I have found another bag that I think is worth mentioning for several reasons.

  1. It is stylish and fun! Plus I love the bright bold color red.
  2. It’s much smaller than my Epiphanie so when I am going out quick and not really planning on taking pictures I can discreetly take it with me just incase the opportunity arrises. I hate saying “man I wish I brought my camera!” when I see something photo worthy.
  3. The price! I only paid $30 for it! (It’s on sale!)

Curious now?!

Here it is – The Acme Bowler Camera Bag!,24,2.htm

I just received my bag in the mail yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality! The inside is padded very well! I love how the top zips open and that there are two little pockets on each side on the outside of the bag. The inside of the bag has a nice velcro divider which you can take in or out of the bag.

It holds my camera body and one lens. It is just what I wanted for when I didn’t want to or need to carry all my gear with me.


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