Lightroom Presets by Pretty Presets

I previously mentioned Laura Thomas (of Pretty Presents & Rock the Shot) before because of the fabulous giveaway they have going on right now, but I also wanted to talk the presets a little bit. I’ve seen presets for Lightroom by many other people but so far these have been a personal favorite of mine and they are very reasonably priced. Since this isn’t my career my hobby purchases need to be kept in check. I like finding afford ways to improve my photography. And trust me, Pretty Presets, is one of those ways! Continue reading to see collections and prices etc.

Here is a list of Pretty Presets collections currently for sale on their website:

Black and brown/Bold & Beautiful                                 $40

Sweet summer                                                                      $25

“fall” in love                                                                         $25

Soften skin presets                                                            $25

Portrait presets                                                                    $34

Back to Basics                                                                     $45

And the new Luminous Collection –my personal favorite!    $42

(They have textures too!)

*You can also buy smaller packages that will only cost $15

If you are curious about the presets and want to try them out before purchasing the even offer FREEBIES!

You can download them and try them for yourself. You will be amazed. I know I truly was the first time I tried it. Since I’m not super savvy with Lightroom and Photoshop I like to try the free ones first to make sure I can figure out how to use them before I actually purchase them. I purchased some actions a while back and I had no idea how to use them and I thought to myself “What a waste of $60!” but once I was shown how to use them I am addicted!

They are SUPER easy to download and I LOVE the instructions Pretty Presets provide. They even offer screen shots of the directions!


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