Tommi Crystal Designs – Fo Floors

Did you notice the flooring used in the pictures I posted of “C” in his leg warmers? It is a Fo Floor in natural barn wood. I am a huge fan of these floor mats! And I love the variety of styles they come in. I don’t like the high price tag on them! If you purchase them from a photography prop store you are looking at big bucks. I bought mine for $30 each. I knew I was taking a chance but to my surprise the quality it great!


My favorite feature is that they are machine washable and tumble dry low!

They come in 4 sizes accent, large, runner and area. * I purchased 2 accent size for $30 each and I lay them side by side (you can’t tell, it’s completely seamless looking)

So if you are looking for something different, more options, and bargain price check out Tommi Crystal Designs.


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