If you are new to photography (like me) then I would suggest setting up a Flickr account. It’s beneficial in so many ways. You can easily upload your pictures and share them with thousands of people. It’s a great way to learn and share. There are groups that you join and post your specific pictures to the greats page for feedback. I like the variety of photographers on Flickr. You won’t feel out of place if you are just starting out. And it’s also free to create an account. Continue reading to see some of my recommend groups and contacts…

Some of my favorite groups are:

Paint the Moon Actions and Textures

Canon Girls Rock

I Heart Faces

Shutter Sisters

The talent in these groups is just incredible and will leave you so inspired.

I also joined educational groups like:

Beginners Digital Photography

Self Taught Photographers

Newbies -Learning Photography

You can also add contacts and when you log in it will always show you your contacts recent posted pictures. I love that I can add some of favorite photographers as contacts and follow them. I follow Andrea Spence, Heidi Hope, Ashleigh Faye Photography and Annie Manning (Paint the Moon). These photographers are top-notch and are my biggest inspirations. I highly recommend checking out their work.

I suggest joining groups that invite you to share photos on a weekly basis and they will assign a theme each week. It will get your creative juices flowing and challenge you to think outside the box about photography.

If you have Flickr account or are going to create one please look me up!


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