I love props

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on props because I get bored with them and I don’t have the storage for them.

So where do you go to get props without spending an arm and a leg? Go to local consignment shops! I’m telling you, you can really find unique items to use in your pictures. Yes, they may need a little TLC but it will worth it. I have seem fabulous chairs and vintage looking suitcases. When look at beat up chair I have tons of little light bulbs go off in my head! I think paint colors and re-upholstery!

I’m not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but here in New England its snowy, rainy mess! Once summer gets here and the yard sales are under way you can bet I will be checking them out! This is another great way to find props. I especially love picking up toys for toddler pictures. Some of my favorites that I’m always on the look out for are radio flyer products – wagons, cars, tricycles etc. These are classic pieces! I also love Tonka Trucks.

I also check Craigslist on a weekly basis for things in my area people are looking to sell.

If you don’t feel up the manual labor of refinishing furniture than check out your local Home Goods store. You can pick up great ottomans, benches, chairs and area rugs. You will pay a little more vs. going to a consignment shop but it will be photo ready the second you get it out the door.

I personally love fixing things up and I love the thrill of a finding a great “treasure”.



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