What’s Important

So as you may have noticed, I didn’t have a new post today. I want to show you why…

Because I was preoccupied with my little man “C”.

After spending the day playing I finally sat down on the couch to edit this photo taken earlier this afternoon. I thought “man, what a great day, and wow I’m actually in a picture!” This picture is priceless to me because “Mommy & Me” pictures

are few and far between. I’m always the one behind the camera chasing “C” down. I rarely think to use my tripod or to even hand the point and shoot camera over to someone else.

Seeing this picture reminds what is truly important so I am making a promise to myself to always remember to include myself in these memories that I’m always trying so hard to capture.

So I’m sorry I left you all hanging today. I hope you understand and I hope you take a moment to think about what ever it is that you love and make sure you take the time to enjoy what ever it is. ❤




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