I Heart Faces Giveaway & Check out the freebies!

I Heart Faces is having a giveaway! http://networkedblogs.com/fdxA8

They are giving away the e-book “finding the joy – capture your kiddos in photos!” It is interactive with links, videos, tutorials, lessons and much more! Man I feel like there are tons of great giveaways right now! I’m loving it! This is the perfect solution for the super busy! I know I have such a hard time committing to workshops because I just don’t the time. This book is valued at $75. For a limited time it is being sold for $60. So even if you don’t win you can still purchase the book at a discount.lSurprise!!! Looking for some freebies to try out –http://networkedblogs.com/fdxA8 ( hover over the “Resources” tab and some drop downs will appear – click on freebies)

Wonderful actions, textures, brushes, templates and presets! All in one place! Download and enjoy!

*On a side note- please remember to take a look back at previous posts if you are new to my blog and if you diggin’ it then subscribe and you won’t miss a beat!


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