Yesterday my family and I went to the local parade. It was cold outside so we were all bundled up. It was a long walk to get to the spot we were going to stand to watch the parade go by. Little “C” wasn’t too thrilled in the beginning. I think all the noise and sirens from the fire trucks scared him. So the first pictures I took were of him partially crying. Once he realized they were just driving by and he was safe with Daddy he calmed right down and watched the rest of the parade.

I was hoping to take some pictures of the actual parade but it was easier said than done.  It was so hard trying to find a spot to stand with a good view because of the crowd. And then when I thought I had found a good spot of bunch people would come walking by oblivious to everyone around them. Even when trying to take a picture of little “C’ I was dodging the walking crowd. I’ve only really taken pictures in my own home so I’ve had plenty of time to set up and focus and try different settings. This is was much more stressful trying to get it together fast enough to take a picture. Little “C” also wouldn’t stay looking in the same direction. With all the things going on around him his head was just spinning back and forth trying to keep up with it all.

Needless to say I didn’t get many pictures. I did manage to take the following picture of the parade.

And then as the parade came to end I took my camera a few more times to snap a couple more shots of “C” watching the parade.

And then the very last picture of “C” fast asleep while the parade marched by.

I think I really learned a lot from this experience and a lot of things I want to practice when shooting in public places because of the conditions and crowds. I am going to look for more reasons to be outside so I can learn how to take pictures a little faster and maneuver for a good shot.

We did a fabulous time at the parade though, the perfect family day. And all the fresh air made for a wonderful night sleep for “C”.



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