Aperture Take Two!

As you know I’ve been in the process of moving. We recently purchased our first home and couldn’t be more excited. The only down side is the time away from my camera! I did manage to snap a few shots though. It was once again on the aperture setting. I wanted so badly to throw it back on automatic because I knew I didn’t have much with my camera before someone was calling me for something again. However, I resisted the urge and left it alone. I know that the only way I will ever feel comfortable with the aperture setting is to practice, practice and PRACTICE!

This one I took after a ton of truck loads back from old house to new house. My little babe was sound asleep. I was so pleased with his cooperation. I think sleeping was his way of contributing. I noticed the way his feet and lower half are in focus than his head and face. I tried to get his face in focus more and had some difficulty. Over all I didn’t mind the look the picture. See for yourself…

*This format where my logo is can be found on Paint the Moons Facebook page. It’s a fabulous freebie! It’s called Polish & Protect Sampler. It includes storyboards and 10 actions. Check it out. Love how Annie is always looking out for her fans.

I also took a picture of the outside of the new house to share!

Home Sweet Home

I processed these with Lightroom presets from Pretty Presets and Paint the Moons actions.

Please stay tuned. I apologize for not being around as much as I’d like but that will soon change once things are in order around here.


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