Born Platinum

I purchased a Born Platinum tie when they were having a sale. I chose the Dr. Seuss tie for Camden since he loves The Cat In The Hat. I’ve had the tie for close to a month but with everyone in the house being sick I didn’t have the chance to take pictures sooner.

Today I grabbed “C” and sat him the corner of our dining room on his toy chest. He’s still at this great age where when I put him on a chair that’s off the ground he’s too scared to try to get down from it. So he’s stuck! And I am free to “shoot” away. I know this sounds a little cruel to leave him helplessly on his toy chest but he loves the attention he gets when I’m making silly noises to get his attention. He’s such a ham! And I know one day, when he’s a teenager, he will find a way to get me back for all of these pictures!

Here is the fabulous Dr. Seuss tie-

Here’s one more for you-

Peace out bloggers!! – C

Ps. check out Born Platinum! Find them in previous post! Website, Facebook and Born Platinum on Etsy.


2 Comments to “Born Platinum”

  1. Super Cute!! These should be published in a magazine!

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