For The Love Of Ivy

Growing up I lived a duplex in a neighborhood next to the mill in town that my great grandfather and grandfather worked at when they came over from Czech. So it was nothing special and you could often smell an unpleasant odor in the air coming from the mill. But this house is where most of my happiest childhood memories were made. We lived on one side of the duplex and my great aunty Anne lived in the other. She lived alone there by this time. She never married or had children so I was her WHOLE world. I LOVED it. The two sides were joined  at the basement. I would run as fast I could down my basement stairs and up hers because it was a dirt floor basement and super creepy down there. But she was worth the scary trip.

We would watch her “story” (Days of Our Lives) on television and she would buy me things off of QVC’s home shopping network. (She didn’t have her license and rarely left the house) She would always make me home made french fries and jello that had fruit in it and always topped with extra whip cream.  Mind you when I was born she was already in her 60’s and when I was a teenager she passed away at 83 years old. This wasn’t your typical friendship, but she was truly my best friend.

Her whole kitchen was wall papered with ivy. The edges were peeling and the cream color was starting to turn a shade of brown. The bright green ivy leaves never seemed to lose their color. Now ivy has a special place in my heart. It is a constant reminder of all the times I’ve shared in the kitchen with her. Through out my life, no matter where I lived, I always made sure I had an ivy plant some where in my house in honor of her. So today I went shopping with my mom and we purchased an ivy plant for my new house.

*These pictures were processed in Lightroom with presets from Pretty Presets and with Paint the Moon actions. Wood Nymph, details details and Soire (pop).

This is just another reason why I love photography. I can take a picture that captures an emotion through a memory. It doesn’t have to be a picture of a person. Or a picture of a memory being created. This ivy is a symbol of many memories. It’s thousands of images and feelings in my mind though this one image of a potted plant.



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