Inspire Me Baby Blog

I was reading this wonderful blog post on Inspire Me Baby about how to position seniors for their senior portraits by Amanda Holloway Photography. Amanda gave 12 tips and example pictures. I enjoyed reading her suggestions and I like her motto – don’t ask them to do something you wouldn’t do. That seems fair to me.

I had an “a-hah!” moment when reading one of her tips! Ready for it? Okay you know how painful it is when someone is trying to take your picture and the sun in your eyes and your eyes are watering because you are struggling to keep them open and remembering to smile while they take the picture? This has been me WAY too many times! Amanda’s tip was to tell them to close their eyes once they are in the pose and count to 3 and then open their eyes. The photographer snaps the picture! Genius. The pupils are dilating to the light and the lids are very relaxed. So Amanda also said this trick also works when the subject is having a hard time keeping a serious face. Close their eyes, count 1 2 3, open!

 I wish I knew this trick when I was having my senior portraits taken many years ago! I clearly remember the pain of the sun in eyes!

Here is the link to the blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.


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