Pretty Presets – New Freebie

You know how much I LoVe Pretty Presets for Lightroom! So I was all over this new freebie from them. It’s a “Thank You” freebie.

Here is the link:

Download and enjoy! And then go back and purchase more! The package I am planning to purchase this week is the Sweet Summer Collection for LIGHTROOM – $25 Preset Collection includes: Breeze, Cupcakes, Jillian, Lily, Pure Sweetness, Soft Skin, Star Struck, Summer, Summer Tan, Sunny Delight.

I’m hoping that will make the weather warm up faster here in New England! There are rumors that it could hit 70 degrees on Monday though! I’m not holding my breath, but, if it does in fact reach 70 degrees I think my little man’s Easter pictures will be taken outside! And that was originally what I’ve wanted to do all along but I didn’t think the weather would allow.

I’m posting this freebie here because I like Pretty Presets for their amazing products and I also love how Laura Thomas does business. I have respect for the company and the presets make working in Lightroom a dream come true.

I’ve kinda cut back on listing a ton of giveaways because honestly there are so many right now and for some you just have to jump through too many hoops. I am only going to post the giveaways that I don’t mind entering myself. 


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