Star Struck!

I have to say that I personally enjoy writing posts for my blog. It’s an outlet for me. I love photography. I can appreciate so many different styles of photography and recognize how a photo can be a work of art. I am constantly lost on the computer bouncing around from blog to blog, photographer websites and online tutorials. I even find myself day dreaming about “shots” that I would love to take. Thinking about props I would love to use and how I would position them. It just consumes me at times.

When I find inspirations I always mention them here and I think maybe someone else who is new to photography like me will appreciate it the same way I did. I have no expectations from my blog. I am an English major and I love to write. And when I write about a photographer that has inspired me and then they comment on my post it just blows my mind! It’s like – What? They actually read my blog? They actually saw this post? I feel so honored! I can’t describe it. It’s just such a neat experience to log onto my computer and have an email from Word Press asking me to approve a comment! The fabulous Andrea Spence, the “action” queen Annie Manning, Shauna from Two Chicks Photography and Heidi from Velvet Owl Photography. It’s such a rush each time! I have a new appreciation for photographers now because there is just so much love going around! So to everyone who reads my blog – Thank You. Xo.


One Comment to “Star Struck!”

  1. I love photography ant am an artist myself. Would love to hear about some shoot set ups and props.

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