Focus Point

Good morning bloggers! Yesterday I was emailing Andrea-Andrea Spence Photography-and she was telling me about focus points and how they can make a difference in my pictures if I focus on the eyes. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about because I haven’t got that far into my camera manual. Luckily she attached a wonderful post from The Pioneer Woman.

Now I am addicted to this blog! After reading the post Andrea emailed me I was thrilled about this feature! I went running to my manual to find out which buttons I needed to use to set my focus points. I found the buttons no problem and I think I understand what they are talking about so we will see what happens when I’m actually trying to take a picture.

I want to share the link with you –

Today “C” has friend that is turning ONE and his 1st birthday party is this afternoon so I think this may be a good time to fool around my focus points! On second thought birthday parties can be difficult with all the chaos and non stop kids running around…I will try at least – wish me luck!

I will be back later to share the outcome with you…fingers crossed : )



One Comment to “Focus Point”

  1. Yay!! So glad you love Pioneer Woman, it’s one of my favorites for photography info 🙂

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