Oh Sunny Day!

My boyfriend has been sick with the flu for 4 days now! He’s been in bed for 99.7% of the 4 four days! So our little monkey misses him so much. He just sits outside the bedroom or bathroom door – which ever Daddy is in. It just breaks my heart. So today I was outside playing with my little man and Daddy wanted to get out of bed for a little bit so I spread out a blanket for him and he soaked up the rays and fresh air. “C” was so happy to see him. I snapped a few pictures of them playing peek a boo before Daddy had to go back to bed. And I was shooting in Aperture Priority. Practice, practice, practice…right?! : )

This picture cracks me up because “C” is always sticking out his tongue.

And here’s one in color for you incase you aren’t loving the browns like I am at the moment.

The brown is a preset from Pretty Presets. I snagged it as a freebie off of their website and love it. I did tweak it a little and then used some actions from Paint the Moon.





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