Kitchen Sink

Okay if you have a weak stomach then look away! I used to have a weak stomach until I had my son. Now it takes a lot get me queasy.

One my least favorite things to do it is clean the drain in the kitchen sink. I don’t really know why. I don’t have a reason. I just really don’t like it. I think you get the point. But for some reason I was very amused by the left over soup I fed “C” in the drain (the drain was clean and the soup hadn’t been sitting there long).


I was amused because the noodles were shaped like Elmo but this one straggler noodle was somehow shaped like a “B”. And not just any “B” – to me it looked like the Boston Red Sox “B” and my boyfriend is die-hard fan. So I wanted to use my focus points to try to focus on the “B”.

I think that learning to use the features on my camera are easier when they are done on random stationary objects instead of people – for now at least. I can make all kinds of adjustments and see the differences with the same image. It’s much more helpful than working with a moving target.

I tried it out on “C” trucks and it worked. The red car all the way to the right- in front was what I focused on. I wanted the yellow truck at the end to be a little blurry. And it seemed to work!

I love fun color images! I was thinking that I could even take pictures of some of “C”s favorite toys and collage them in a frame in his room. It’s a great inexpensive way to add some fun and color to his walls and will also capture the memories of his childhood.



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