Rainy Day Blues

As you know my boyfriend is sick with the flu…I believe today is the 6th day now. He’s starting to feel a little better so that’s good. It’s a rainy day today and “C” wanted to visit his Daddy so I brought him in our room and let him say hello quick. He loves climbing up the pillows and looking out the window. And as his Mommy you know that I think it’s adorable. Just like everything else that he does. He’s just at such a fun age now and is really showing his own personality.

When he is trying to climb up the pillows he has such a look of determination on his face. You would think he’s trying to climb mount Everest.

There were processed in Lightroom and then with Paint the Moon action Vintage Fairytale.



2 Comments to “Rainy Day Blues”

  1. Arent they great at this age? I really like the second shot. It’s like he’s deep in thought. And thank you for sharing what presets you used.

  2. Thank you! It is a great age and it just keeps getting better and better. However it’s just flying by! I wish I could hit pause and slow it down.

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