Davis Farmland Adventure

Hello bloggers! It feels like it’s been an eternity since I’ve posted and I’m not quite sure where begin now. I guess we will skip what ever happened between my last post and now – mostly because I honestly can’t remember. Life is extra chaotic right now. So here I go…

Over the weekend…

We went to Davis Farmland!

It was so much fun seeing all the baby animals. Baby “C” was still a little hesitant around them but he did okay. It was nice to have more to take pictures of. And by this I mean typically I am just taking pictures of my baby boy but at Davis Farmland I was able to capture him in action with the animals and fun activities. I love the memories that are associated with these pictures.

This outing made me really excited for what the rest of the summer will hold for our family. I recommend going out and finding new places and activities to photograph. I love when I see photographers offering sessions at a park, the zoo and on the beach. It makes the experience so unique and memorable. Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for on location photographers. Don’t get me wrong-I love studio portraits-but the on location is just my personal favorite.

I am still practicing using my Canon on Aperture Priority. I haven’t taken it off of AV since I set it there months ago. I’m starting to pay more attention to my focus points. It can be a challenge to try to learn with such a fast pace environment like Davis Farmland but it’s the memories that I am truly after. I have the rest of my life to practice my camera functions.

These were all taken with my 50mm lens

Processed in Lightroom 3 only – no Photoshop or actions this time around.


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