Play Time

Little “C” had a play date yesterday with adorable baby “R”.

Yesterday morning I went into work extra early. I was in my seat by 5:30am! YES, that’s right! 5:30am! I wanted to put in some extra time so I could leave early today. But to my surprise all the computers were down and they had no idea why. I sat at work for 6 hours with no work and no computer. It was nice chatting with my favorite coworkers but even so-it was a gorgeous day and my son was being babysat. What a waste! So I left at lunch time and went to be with my baby boy.

His babysitter was the wife of a really good childhood friend of mine. And they have an adorable 18 month old baby girl. They are also expecting a little boy soon! So I didn’t want to have this friend work too hard chasing around 2 kids. When I got home she invited us over to her house so the kids could play outside. They had a blast together! Perfect day! Here are a few more pics of their time together-

Hope you enjoyed! These were processed in Lightroom3 – no presets were used but I do always suggest Pretty Presets. And I did use some Paint The Moon actions in Photoshop. I believe they were Vintage Fairytale and Vintage Denim. Pictures were taken with my 100mm lens.


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