Baby D & C

My son had his girlfriend over today! And I got to catch up with a good friend. Every time they visit I always find myself wishing we lived closer to each other.

Hopefully they grow up to good friends like their mommy’s are.

And here are a few of beautiful Baby D

 The quilt in this picture is a very special heirloom quilt that was given to Baby D before she was born. Isn’t it gorgeous!?!


SO, as you can see I was unable to get a smile out of Baby D! And C didn’t cooperate either. They were both too busy running around the back yard. But it’s okay because that’s what kids are suppose to do. I still enjoyed capturing a few images from their play date.


Lightroom 3

Paint the Moon action Jubilee and Vintage Fairytale


2 Comments to “Baby D & C”

  1. Very Sweet, Miranda! I’m loving your recent photos!

  2. Miranda, I love these photos you took of my baby D! We had a blast with you and Camden yesterday!!! I will treasure these photos forever!

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