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March 9, 2011

Need an Epiphanie?!

Here is another chance for you to win your very own Epiphanie! A turquoise Lola camera bag to be exact. If you aren’t familiar with Epiphanie here is the link to their website so you can check out this bag!

This giveaway is brought to you by Paperie Boutique.
Here is the link –
Good luck!

March 7, 2011


If you are new to photography (like me) then I would suggest setting up a Flickr account. It’s beneficial in so many ways. You can easily upload your pictures and share them with thousands of people. It’s a great way to learn and share. There are groups that you join and post your specific pictures to the greats page for feedback. I like the variety of photographers on Flickr. You won’t feel out of place if you are just starting out. And it’s also free to create an account. Continue reading to see some of my recommend groups and contacts…

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March 5, 2011

ANOTHER Epiphanie Giveaway

The new Epiphanie giveaway is brought to you by Tara Whitney. Winner will be emailed Monday. Super easy to enter, just leave a comment on her blog!

Good luck!

March 2, 2011


Here you go! Another chance to win an Epiphanie bag! (I previously posted about Epiphanie) I LOVE these bags and you will too!

All you have to do it go to this link and enter –

Good luck to all!

February 24, 2011

Epiphanie Camera Bags

So in my very first post I told you what was “in my bag” and now here is MY BAG! Made by Epiphanie.

Her name is Lola!

This bag does it all! It holds my 3 lenses my Canon EOS 60D body and everything my son could need on an outing. It even holds a bottle up right!

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